There are terms and conditions on which we supply our Services to you. Please ensure that you read these Terms carefully, and check that the details in the Care Agreement and in the Terms are complete and accurate. If you require any amendments or changes please notify us in writing immediately.

Our full company name is REN Caring Ltd (trading as REN Caring, we, us or our), our Registered Company Number: 10376172 and our registered address is at 4 Bradfords Close, Buckhurst Hill, Essex IG9 6ED.  REN Caring is approved and regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), with Registered Provider Number: 1-3835934643.

Engaging and paying for care Service: When you engage one of our carers you agree to pay the hourly, weekly or nightly rate stated on the contract.

Considerable investment is made in training and developing staff who are therefore prohibited from accepting any direct offers of employment from clients.  However, should any client employ directly any member of REN Caring Care staff who is or has been employed in the previous three months, then a fee of £800 will be due from the client.

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